As a beginning to our story, below are the pictures we took of the house about a month before we actually bought it. My wife and I had already spent a couple of weeks peeking in the windows (most of them were covered, but we could catch small glimpses of some rooms through the curtains), talking about the house, and dreaming of all the things we were going to do to the house. We already knew we wanted to buy the house, and didn’t much care what the inside looked like.

However, it seemed somehow wrong/irresponsible/<insert adjective of your choice here> to buy a house without at least looking around with the current owner and taking some pictures. Make no mistake, though: we wanted the house, and even if we opened the front door and found something like this in the living room:

it would have made absolutely NO difference to us. I would have said, “Huh…we should probably fix the burning cauldron of fire in the living room”, and we would have bought the house anyway. 🙂

These pictures were taken fairly hurriedly, but they should give you an idea of the house. I’ll have more detailed pictures and descriptions in other posts:

The front of the house, including the side yard:

The side of the house, including chimney:

The backyard, if you can see it through the overgrown weeds. The roof was missing a worrisome number of shingles, and the delapidated, rusty swingset frame from the 1950’s or so was somehow very sad:

This is the living room and the front door. The bright red walls were first on my list of things to go, but the floor was original wood and great…

The downstairs kitchen and bathroom. I don’t even want to describe what the inside of the refrigerator looked like…

The downstairs bedroom. The carpet is a weird deep-purple and looks to have been installed sometime in the 80’s…

The laundry/utility room. This room was added on later (we think sometime in the 1960’s) and was made of ciderblock. It didn’t fit the house at all, and was built within about 24 inches of the house next door. The entire room made my mental list of things that had to go away.

The upstairs bedroom. This bedroom is fairly large, and the original wood floors were actually in pretty good shape. The failing wallpaper and strangely short doorway will merit some attention in the future, though:

This is the small upstairs bedroom. Technically it’s not a bedroom because it doesn’t have a closet, but my wife quickly claimed it as her office, so no problem there.

And finally the upstairs bathroom. Functional, but that’s about all you can say for it right now:

There is also a dining room (original) and an add-on room in the back of the house (judging from the fake wood paneling, built sometime in the 1970’s or so), but for some reason we didn’t get any pictures of those.

That’s it for now. More details to come.