Welcome to historic Hillsboro, NM!

In 2017 my wife and I bought a small house in Hillsboro, New Mexico. The house was built in circa 1894 and is called the Parker House. It has a lot of history and needs a lot of work. We started this blog to keep our friends and family up to date on our progress, but hope whoever else reads it enjoys it, too.

We plan on renovating this house in two phases:

Phase I:

In Phase I, we are going to make relatively minor changes to the house just to make it more comfortable to live in. This includes patching holes and painting walls, replacing light fixtures, and learning the house. Phase I will last until we finish paying off the house, expected in roughly July 2021.

Phase II:

In Phase II, the real fun will begin. This phase will start after we have paid off the house, and will involve a more thorough, traditional renovation. In this phase we will strip the house down to the studs, including removing and replacing the drywall, insulating the house, running new electrical and ethernet wiring, etc.